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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Happy Independence Day Quotes 2018 in English


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happy Independence day Quotes 2018
happy Independence day Quotes 2018

1. 15 August is a good time to examine who we are and how we got here.

2. Runs in my blood, through the veins..through every part of me...I am proud to be Indian!

3. You give me your blood and I will give you Independence...

4. The future depends on what you do today. Happy Independence Day

5. Feel proud of being part of a prosperous nation.

Happy Independence day 2018 quotes
best Independence day Quotes
6. Sare jahan se accha Hindostan Hamara
    Hum bulbulain hai iss ki, yeh gulsitan hamara
    Happy Independence Day to All of You.

7. Always keep enjoying but freedom offered.

8. We are very proud to be an Indian, so love our Nation, Work for our Nation to Grow, Have a spirit,      Jai Hind.

9. Freedom is nothing but a chance for much better...

10. feel proud to be an Indian, have a great independence day.

11. Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.

12. Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country.

13.  132.42 Crores population,
       1618 Languages,
       6400 Castes,
       29 Major festivals 6 Religion,
       6 Ethnic Groups,
       1 Country.!..Be Proud to be an Indian!.
      72 th Happy Independence Day...
Independence quotes english
Independence day Quotes

14. True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right.

15. Keep India green and clean! Let us make this our motto.

16. Na sar jhuka hai kabhi
      aur na jhukayenge Kabhi,
      jo apne dum pe jiyen sach me zindagi hai wahi.

17. Happy Independence Day to you and your family!

18. Freedom is nothing dear at any is the breath of LIFE.

19. All we have of freedom, all we use or know - This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.

20. Let’s stand up high to show respect for the ones who died for the independence of India.

Independence best Quotes 2018
Independence Quotes 2018

21. May you soar high in the realm of freedom! Happy Independence Day to all Indians.

22. Liberty is all time dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.Happy Independence Day 2018

23. Don’t see others doing better than you, beat your own records everyday, because success is a fight between you and yourself.

24. For some days, people thought that India was shaking. But there are always tremors when a great tree falls.

25. It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

Happy Independence New Quotes
2018 Independence Day

26.Thousands laid down there lives so that why our country breath this day.Happy Independence day

27.We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.

28. Halki si dhoop barsat ke baad,
      thori si khushi her baat ke baad,
      Isi tarah mubarak ho aap ko,
      Jashan-e-azadi 1 din k baad….
      Wish U a very 72th happy independence day

29. It's a great feeling to be Indian let’s spread the cheer all over. Vande Mataram!

30. No matter the weather, let's celebrate Independence Day together.

Best Independence Quotes
Happy Independence Quotes 2018

31. I hope this Independence Day brings you happiness and hope.

32. They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit.
33. United we stand, divided we fall.

34. No nation is perfect in World, it needs to be made perfect Happy Independence day.

35. The freedom to sin is bondage. Freedom from sin is true liberty

Happy Independence Quotes
Independence 2018

36. It is a day to salute to all those who became the reason of this land. Happy Independence day!

37. Respect the constitution of free India. Happy Independence Day 2018.

38. The freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?

39. May the flag of our country always fly high Independence Day.  

40. We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made

41. Keep India green and clean!! Let us make this our National. Happy Independence Day

Independence Quotes 2018 in English
15 August Independence 2018 
42. India holds a very prestigious position on the world map. Let's pledge to take our country to new heights.

43. Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?

44. Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.       

45. May this Independence Day Fills your life with a lot of happiness and prosperity.
Happy Independence Day India.

46. I pledge that the labor of our past heroes shall not be in vain.

47. Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

48. May we always remain Independent. Happy Independence Day 15 August.
15 August Independence Quotes
Quotes Independence 2018

49. Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.    

50. Be the change you want to see in the world.

51.Change our mind... Every day is Independence day not only 15 august day.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Happy Independence Day Quotes | Independence Day Quotes 2018

Happy Independence Day Quotes and Independence Day Quotes 2018 :

Here are the best Happy Independence Day Quotes and also Independence Day Quotes. Independence day in India is on the 15th August. we are providing best quotes for Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day Quotes
Happy Independence Day Quotes 

“Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die " – Dwight D. Eisenhower

 “For some days, people thought that India was shaking. But there are always tremors when a great tree falls.” – Rajiv Gandhi

“Thy spirit, Independence, let me share! Lord of the lion-heart and eagle-eye, Thy steps I follow with my bosom bare, Nor heed the storm that howls along the sky.” – Tobas George Smollet

Injustice, in the end, produces independence. “Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” – Louis D. Brandeis

“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made!” – Albert Einstein

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

“We on this continent should never forget that men first crossed the Atlantic not to find soil for their plows but to secure liberty for their souls.” – Robert J. McCracken

“The best road to progress is freedom’s road.” – John F. Kennedy “Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.” – Ho Chi Minh

“I feel that the constitution is workable, it is flexible and it is strong enough to hold the country together both in peacetime and in wartime. Indeed, if I may say so, if things go wrong under the new Constitution, the reason will not be that we had a bad Constitution. What we will have to say is that Man was vile.” – B.R. Ambedkar

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